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We help the world’s most ambitious changemakers create the future by unlocking their human potential. Career Movement partners with companies to shape and develop both their organization and their team. Our extensive experience in people, leadership, growth, and navigating challenges is an incredible asset for building an exceptional team and a bright future.

A commitment to partner with you and aid you in unlocking your potential.

Our Values

Where It All Started

In 1999, Career Movement opened its humble doors as a small team ready to serve the emerging demand for technology and software development professionals in Southern California. Relying on our team-based approach and armed with our expertise and determination, Career Movement soon became a valuable business partner to companies both large and small, across numerous industries and verticals. In over 20 years in the business, Career Movement has supplied everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rising and stealth operated start-ups with the finest technology talent.


Our relationship-driven business practice quickly led us to expand our market and offer additional services to our clients. Soon, at our client’s behest, we began to work with different departmental leaders and helped to fill roles across a variety of job categories—from other technical roles, marketing, human resources, accounting & finance, to customer success professionals to name a few!

Once we expanded our staffing platform, we organically moved into offering business solutions to leaders to help companies with their organizational development and growth. Career Movement now offers numerous consultative solutions to help our clients reach their goals.


We often evaluate our success and vision. What was at the core of our growth? We’ve found that it was our firm focus on mentorship and collaboration. Career Movement was founded on the principle that employee education and growth is vital to company performance, and we created a curriculum and culture that focused on training, mentorship, and teamwork.


Our formula has been the key to our longevity. We’ve witnessed how technology advancements, paradigm shifts, and other innovations and changes have reshaped the ways in which humans live, work, and interact. We’ve successfully navigated three economic downturns: the “Dotcom Bubble Burst” (2001), the “Great Recession” (2008), and the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020). We experienced our own turbulence and came out on the other side that much stronger and wiser. Simply put, we practice what we preach, and are always endeavoring to learn and grow.

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Partner With the Best

With decades of experience in bringing our clients elite solutions and talent, we’re confident that we can elevate your organization. We look forward to partnering with you.

Unlocking Human Potential

Great things in business are never accomplished alone, but by a team of talented people. Our mission is to help you make that success happen.

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